just a weird thought



Serve me the truth

Cold and bare

Let the spikes

rip my heart.

Let the pain

flow through my veins.

Let the gruesome reality

crush my dreams.

Hell, I would prefer

to be broken

and then rise again

than never know that all my life

I was your game.

-Iflah Laraib

Silence (Rendition 2) 

Nudging her as they swept past

The curious winds that night did ask

The reason of her tears, at last. 
Her lingering silence said more of her woes

Than could a prolix melancholic prose. 
-Iflah Laraib 


Branches tap on my window, hoping 

For shelter against a vicious storm outside. 

A downpour begs me for mercy, constantly.  

Curious clouds stare down at me, waiting for my heart to melt. 

Amid all silences, I hear twigs painfully splinter as winds roar 

Watch leaves quiver, yearning to get in. 

But like a heartless villain, I refuse to help

Just like I did when you needed me. 

-Iflah Laraib 


I am still a little sore 

At where you stabbed me then

So touch-me-not. 
-Iflah Laraib 

Scarlet-Rendition 2

Tonight the pen moves not on paper

But across my wrist.

Deep and sharp.

Bold, it writes your name

a hundred times at the same place

Until the blue ink turns


-Iflah Laraib




Wintry nights

Spent searching for

Sparks in your heart.


-Iflah Laraib





Wrapped between 

These sheets so cold

I lay wide awake

As memories unfold. 

Visage of a lost love

Mocks as it peeks

Through the severed heart

As it barely beats.

The bare skin

Your breaths once tickled

Now grows numb

As silence giggles. 

Your constant absence 

Painfully screams

Tearing time 

Tugging fate’s seams. 

Oh so painful 

To remember by 

And far too precious 

To say goodbye. 

So stripped of slumber
In these sheets so cold

I lay till daylight 

Warms my soul. 

-Iflah Laraib 

Just a weird thought 

By the book I lived

Giving up this and that

For what in the end? 

A cage. 

Never used my wings

Out of fear of breaking rules 

For what in the end? 

They rust. 

With all my soul I gave 

To you all I could 

For what in the end? 


Left powerless, alone I lie

Everything  vexes my heart as I wait to die

For what in the end? 

A hell. 

This world drained the light out of me

Turned my heart twisted, black

For what in the end? 

Another stab. 

-Iflah Laraib 


To see what it’s  like

To know what would be

And to see another entenity

I’ll set my heart ablaze. 

To know another life

And this time, do it right 

To find out what lies on the other side 

I’ll set my heart ablaze. 

To know who else would burn 

To take a step to unlearn

And to be what I couldn’t be

I’ll set my heart ablaze. 

-Iflah Laraib 

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