Standing underneath the summer-night sky

staring at the zenith, bare feet on grass,

mind wandering farther than sight,

the gentle midnight breeze caressing her cheeks

while the nocturnal creatures offered her company;

she gasped at the sudden cognizance

Of her own insignificant existence

in the wake of the universe’s vastness.

It felt like she could easily drown in its depths,

dissolve in its dust, or disappear in a whiff among its elements

without affecting its functioning in the least.

Subconsciously – keeping her visage fixed at the stars

that stared back at her, shimmering with astonishment;

she spread her arms and closed her eyes

waiting to vanish into nothingness,

wanting to be effaced for her triviality,

longing desperately to be disentangled from the body

that caged her so wild a spirit, and wake up

somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the sky.

She let her mind wander far away, into unknown galaxies

let her heart beat, race and somersault the way it wanted

she let herself forget all about life hoped her life would forget her

she could hear the moon whispering lullabies to the stars

and feel her body float like that of a planet.

She pictured herself unwinding, losing form,

slowly fading into air like all her dreams once did,

while gently shedding all the memories in the process –

so that all that remained of her was a free, unsullied soul.

Several minutes later, when she opened her eyes

to behold her new abode in the skies,

she found her bare feet still on the cold grass.


-Iflah Laraib