Here is what the people of Aleppo and other regions under war have been trying to say to the rest of us.
Read through the words of a wonderful writer –

The Star Gazer

Oh Sydney, I grudge you not your siege
Oh Paris, I grudge you not the prayers offered
Don’t I though deserve a single orison
For a thousand body and blood spilled under sun

For seven millennia have I stood strong
Today my iron body crumbles, eaten by civil rust
For ages bridge of Mediterranean and Mesopotamia
I was Halab, Ha-lam, Aram-Zobah, ash-Shahbaa

Hadad and al-Madina routed alike
History scrunched by tyrannical roar
Once a pearl of kingdom of the Ottoman
I succumb today under the blistering Red Sun

God deserted us, and the men of God killed us all!

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