In a fractional instant, when brilliance of a fire

Blinds the eye and smears love with egoistic desire.

In the blink of an eye, mountains fall

Then Oh! how can love, amidst this storm, stand tall?

In the blink of an eye when even the heavens cry

Then who am I to stay sane, as I watch us die.

Dreams that I had so carefully carved, shatter, like glass,

And the shards pierce through both our hearts.

I fail to put the pieces back together, even though I try

With every blink of your hurtful eyes.

I find myself stern of “I do”

But so unsure, this time, of you

that I die a little when you smile

between the blinks of your bloodshot eyes.

This path that lay before us a while ago

Beckoning us towards a blissful life

Has flooded with blood of a tender love

In the blink of my blinded eyes.

-Iflah Laraib