I was fond of this darkness, once

but now  my eyes search for light

throughout this merciless, porous velvet

of the dark sky that shrouds my life.

The whispers have grown frequent

And winds have become cold

A  shadow constantly lingers

few steps behind, trying to capture my soul.

I am getting tired, of this endless agony

longing to see some light

just a glimpse, of what it would be

to not be scared, to not have doubts

to love, to live, to speak my mind out.

I am sick and tired, of this eclipse

it is only pain that these stars now afflict.

The moon only seems to mock

my misery, as through clouds it walks.

My hopes are slowly burning out

my heart is slowly turning numb

soul is restless to leave the body

a dirge, my mind, constantly hums.

No more of this cloistered life do I want

but break the walls, pluck out the thorns,

walk in light, under a clear sky

no clouds or storms, just a good life.

-Iflah Laraib