If I could erase certain moments
From my past, I would erase all those
Spent nurturing bonds that eventually erupted
Because I am still frayed and sore
At the places where those bonds tore.
If I could go back a few steps
And have a second chance
At certain things in life,
I would do them the right way
Avoiding the people and places
That were so poisonous in the end
That at some emotions, I was left numb
For the many years to come.
If I could just give my past self
One advice, to save all that pain
I’d say, “don’t trust” for that
Would have led me to decisions I could be better at.
But I guess it has been all right
Maybe it happened to give me a better sight
But oh! would’nt it be better if I could keep
Just that and had no memories to weep.

-Iflah Laraib