I made you all out of clay

you were meant to be my art

but you chose to make a grotesque play

of everything; you broke my heart!

I gave you land, of all kinds

high and low, dry and fertile

but you carved out pieces and laid claims

which allure you, but are in facts futile. 

I gave you the power to feel a hundred things

and the abilities of thought and speech

but you chose to feel only hate

and to money alone, you now beseech.

I created others along with you, for you

but look what you did to my wonderful earth!

you killed all who came in your way

and loathed those unlike you at birth.

You denied the ways of nature

you refused to follow instruction

instead, you chose to be kings and queens

Lo! The royalty of destruction. 

I gave you all the chances I could

I thought and waited for you to realise

I hoped, maybe when you have gone far enough

you will embrace truths and shun lies.

But not any more!

I can’t see my earth treated this way

for the sake of you, oh human!

I cannot leave others for you to slay.

So I will do this – I’ll make another earth

this time, greener and lovelier

with no humans but only humanity

and I will just leave you all back here.

You turned into a monster

that doesn’t know love, kindness or peace

while those were the virtues I taught all

but look who remembered them? Those you call “beasts”.

This day, my human, I leave you be

but I’ll see you in afterlife

when for every deed, I will ask you

“why did you pick the wrong sides?”

-Iflah Laraib