Some nights she would sneak into another place. Her sleep and dreams would get washed away with tears that would well up subconsciously in the corners of her eyes, blurring the darkness of the night. Through this blur, her mind could see more clearly. She would lay awake in her bed, while her mind would wander, sift through old memories or open rusty old boxes of feelings locked away years ago. Daylight would waft in while her eyes would still be wide open and her mind would have gone far deep in the ocean of bygone days, only to be thrust back to surface by the warmth of the first sunrays. Finly giving up her futile efforts at sleeping, she would sit up for a minute to let mind cough out those recollections and let her eyes adjust to the many colors of the day. Until, of course, she could sneak out again some night and soothe her soul in the greyness of her past.

-Iflah Laraib