I am a warrior
In the battle of love
And your heart, the empire
I must conquer.
I will slay the dragons
Of differences
With my sword of compassion
While the armour of your promises
Protects me.
Through mystic lands
I will travel
All the way to your heart
Fighting all evil
That wishes to sow discord.
Alone I will fight
Against all your pawns
Of mistrust
And I will cross
The walls that you’ve built
Around your own soul.
I’ll leave behind
Home and friends
To fight this battle
And achieve you.
I may be drenched
In the blood of my dreams
But I will fulfill yours.
And if winning this battle
Is not enough for you
Baby, I will put my heart
On the tip of my sword
And present it to you.

-Iflah Laraib