An amazing poem by “thepoetwithnowit”…must read!!!


Through aching eyes

I look upon my life

And feel no pride

Or anything inside.

Maybe remorse

For what has transposed,

Or maybe guilt

For putting little effort into how it built.

I’m not the smartest man,

But in my life span

I’ve acknowledged the sense

That I’m meant for something else.

What that could be

I cannot see.

Oh what I wouldn’t give

For a chance to go back and live

It all over again,

But this time I’ll amend

The mistakes I made;

This time I’ll do it right

And avoid the spite.

What must I do

To have a redo?

Where I can take back

The things I’ve said and get the things I lack?

Like the morning dew,

Each day starts anew,

And I wish for my life to have a reset;

It would be easier to accept.

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