You cut my heart out and fled

while I lay here, I bled.

You kept it in places cold and dark

when it cried to see the sun and spark.

You played with it a ruthless game

while on my empty chest, I etched your name

And when you got bored, you tossed it away

and wilfully trampled it on your way.

Looking for that missing part of mine

ashes and dust is all I find.

An amusement, was my heart to you

I too thuoght my love was true

but darling, we were both so stupid

Coz while you thought your game was stronger than my will to survive

I was drunk upon the potions of cupid.

But now you see, with these ashes and dust

I’ll build a new heart that will never rust

And as for you and you petty play

wait until you get to be the prey.

-Iflah Laraib