Tonight we delve deep in our souls,

and rummage through its debris

to try and find the missing piece.

So long kept away from us all

buried somewhere we can’t recall.

The world – a grotesque circus of lies

with the greedy rich as ring masters

and we all – the show animals.

Fed upon faulty definitions of love and hate,

forced to jump through hoops of fear,

walk on tightropes of acceptance

or juggle the devil sticks of appearance.

So tonight we stop this berserk exibition

and begin a long due revolution.

Tonight we deny those who claim our lives

and break these shackles, break all ties.

Begin a new age, baptize our souls

shed our false skins, bruised and old.

Tonight we break out of this dystopian cage,

out under the limitless sky, and run ablaze

into the woods of salvation, wild and free

for that’s how we were meant to be.

-Iflah Laraib