Amazing poem…must read!!


There must be an escape

From this living dream,

Where everything is not

Quite the way it seems.

Day to day,

I go through the motions,

But not without reluctance;

Not without emotion.

I can’t get away

From the despair,

So I swear at my own image

Until I run out of air.

I could use a break

From all this mediocrity,

Where my life

Is nothing but philosophy.

Theories disproved,

And results unquantifiable;

I’ll get back to reality

As soon as I’m able.

In the meantime

I take a breath

Relax for a moment

Then resume my wrath.

It’s not fair

To judge they say,

But do they think I’m stupid?

I wish they’d all go away.

Fresh roots in different ground;

That’s what I need now.

Pockets of hope,

Scraped together from the dust somehow.

And piece by piece,

I evolve into

The broken man

You see before…

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