Was it a defect or was it by default

that human beings so evolved

into beasts of reckless destruction

wreaking havoc with instinct and instruction?

I could count here the several flaws

of the current worldly state of affairs

but I cannot do so without losing my mind

and setting myself to flares.

I tried to go alphabetically

so bear with me, empathically.

Apartheid, Bombings, Corporate greed

and amid all this, Duck-face-selfies.

Environmental destruction

Freaking foreign interruption.

Genocide and Hunger, killing millions

Injustice to public, to dodge taxes in billions.

Jack-asses running our beloved nation

Lack of funds for health and education.

Molestation, Nudity and women’s Objectification

besides morons on constant Propagation.

Countries Quarantined and left to die

Religion, the lastest slang for lie.

Savages, Tyrants and Uncouth villains

Viciously waging Wars on civilians.

And besides Xenophobes and Yucky faces,

a hundred Zachy political phrases

fed to the helpless common man

sedated on a prescription from Dr. Pharma Scam.

So, with a lead-heavy (read poisoned) heart I say , we need

to upgrade our aee, bee, sees,

that our children can be raised aware

of our hopelessly ugly state of affairs.

-Iflah Laraib

(P.S. :ย Not particularly proud of it but wanted to vent out a little. Thus poetry!)