(Not the kind of poetry I usually write.

Trying something new from the depths of my twisty brain!)


I’ll be your wings to make you fly,

a wind to lift you in the sky,

your lamp in times lone and dark.

your sunshine and your rainbow arc.

I’ll be your shade in sweltering heat,

be the grass beneath your tired feet,

a blooming flower on the pavement you walk

or a mirror to listen to your talks.

I’ll be a river for you to cast

into it your sorrow, your past.

Be a guard for you against all,

that hinders you or makes you fall.

I’ll be a diary, I’ll be a pen,

for you to write what you keep in,

and  in the end I’ll dissolve into dusk

to rise with the Sun and shine down on that musk

which we had once grown together

before the raging storm changed us forever.

-Iflah Laraib