(image courtesy : google)

In search of hope we wander, on paths unseen, unknown,

falling deep into an infinite abyss; farther and farther alone.

In search of home we travel, this village and that wilderness,

yearning to find the missing piece, of our soul to fill the emptiness.

In search of love we walk, on roads of thorns and storm,

clinging to the thought of its beauty, yet unaware of its true form.

In search of answers we sift, through ruins of our past,

helplessly yearning for vestiges, memories that can last.

In search of the sun we spend, our lonesome lives in dark,

waiting forever for a divine aura, that may or may not spark.

In search of truth we chase, all things seen and known,

seeking their seemly answers, drifting into the unknown.

In search of meaning, we connect, all our tiny bits,

trying to create a mosaic, capturing our life’s gist.

Yet life so vast, all spent at last, goes by as if in haste,

while we stand at the edge, so cold and still, our hearts finally chaste.

-Iflah Laraib