New dress. Check. Gifts. Check. Home decoration. Check. More gifts. Check.

During this festival time, going through my facebook news feed, I come across so many posts of people buying expensive things in the so called “spirit of the festival”. And then I read the news of people dying in their homeland, losing everything and taking refuge in some other country at the mercy of their governments and folks.

But then I do not even need to go so far as across the border to see the pitiable state of human kind. In India, I just need to step outside and I would be surrounded by a hundred groans of hungry, dying and sick poor. It is surprising to see that in a country known for its great values and traditions, there is so much wastage of resources and so much debauchery or should I say that there has never been a tradition that includes doing good to fellow human beings.

Perhaps our traditions have simply been about keeping a clean home and feeding cows and not about keeping a clean soul and feeding fellow human beings.


None of us would give up the chance to partying and celebrating in exchange of feeding some hungry or clothing a homeless. How boring would that be?

We’d rather sit here in our safe homes and watch our money burn as it goes up in that costly rocket and takes various shapes and colors. We are the ones who earned it and therefore we should be the ones to enjoy it. Not our concern if that stinky old man has no one to look after. He has had his days and now we shall have ours.

But you could at least “buy” some of your gifts from that little girl on the roadside.

No! That’s not even branded. And those things are not worth that much money she is selling them for.

So it shall be. This year too, as has always been in the past and will forever be in future, the elite will once again put a colossal display of wealth while the poor and homeless will watch and hope in vain.