Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” Martin Luther king Jr said that several years ago, and it is clear that till today peace lovers have not been able to learn any kind of organization against the advocates of war for humanity is under distress all around the globe..


No where is safe now, absolutely nowhere. Security is only an illusion, as much for those who create it, as it is for those who are lured into it. Homes, offices, schools, parks, transports – everywhere, we are all vulnerable to any kind of unexpected attack. Even worse, we never know who might be the attacker, it could be your own government too. As much as everyone I come across only wishes a peaceful life, most of them are so indifferent about doing anything to achieve it. Peace lovers tout equality, justice and harmony while it is the warmongers who stand by these principles until they get soaked in blood. Havent all the terrorists gone to extreme ends to establish justice? Haven’t they all tried to restore harmony by murdering the potential trouble makers? Haven’t they brandished their bazookas at any kind of inequal treatment that they have sensed from the part of the authorities? Indeed they have and one can look at the entire human history, or just read the morning news, in order to confirm this.

But what about the peace lovers? We do not know how to stand for a cause without landing into feuds within ourselves, based on race, religion or creed. Oh no I am not understating our efforts at all the protests and marches and human-chains that we fashion every now and then – braving waterguns, gas bombs and sometimes even bullets of the cops. What I feel lacks among us is more organization. Marches and protests are not organization. Do we ever do summits and conferences like the warmongers do? Yes I know f the numerous NGOs working day and night to help refugees and other needy folks, going around raising funds but it all comes down to how far are we ready to take our cause? USA signs weapons deals with any nation that claims it wishes to drive out the “terrorists” from it’s or the neighbour’s lands , why has no one heard of a peace deal being signed? Billions, or rather trillions of dollars are invested in making and purchasing new weapons but why not the same for making peace? Will there ever be a treaty like “US signs billion dollar deal to give food to Africa”. Or like “US gives billions of dollars for building new homes in war zones”. Evidently, the most powerful nation is interested in donating for destruction and not for construction. Seems like they have all the money in the world whrn it comes to waging wars but their banks fail to operate when a country starves to death. All the laws, foreign strategies, food policies and economic factors suddenly circumscibe them when it comes to giving away even the waste food to the straving, malnourished and oppressed people around the world while none of the above matters when some country wants to punish the neighbour for pelting stones by roasting them with bullets. Perfect. The war wagers of today are co well organized and powerful that they can make a fool out of any government to get their purpose fulfilled while those who sing hymns of peace simply discuss the scenarios and make prayers for peace.

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Well, clearly, either their prayers are not being sincerely made or there are not enough prayers being made. Whatever might be, we are all suffering and will continue to suffer if we do not get up and d something that actually makes it clear to those warriors that we do not want them around anymore. If their missiles are so loud that they make our very hearts tremble, why can’t we, being the larger faction, shout together once that we are all one people. For once, we can just drop our differences as religious missionaries or national organizations and unite solely for a world free of guns and bombs. Would that be so difficult to simply rejoice our versatility rather than make it an issue of cooperation and work like real advocates of equality, justice and harmony?

It seems we are all too scared to do any of it. Somewhere we have all started accepting the world the way it is and made war a part of our lives. The war lovers have been successful in their propoganda by connecting the very wars they are waging, to our lives as individuals, to our religions, to our faiths. And we have veru humbly surrendered and agreed to “live and let live” side by side with the warmongers. Sham. We are all a sham. We, peacelovers are slowly getting coloured in the red of war, unaware and helpless. It is time we stopped being so complaisent and adopt a strict no-association policy against anything and anyone buttressing wars. As Bob Marley said “The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?” Can we look forward to a world peace summit where major peace organizations meet and disuss on a course of action? Or maybe a web conference where we all exchange ideas, funds and resources, or perhaps a worldwide peace fest lasting longer than any war in the history of the world or least of all, like most people did for equality of gay marriage, could we just put up rainbows for peace?

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