Even though it was Eve who talked Adam into venturing near the forbidden tree and eating its fruit, yet, much of the remaining sins humanity knows today, were comitted by Adam’s race. It was just the dawn of the human race and a man murdered his brother for some reason I can not recall right now but ever since that day, brothers have been murdering each other, mostly in the name of power. World wars were fought by the so called leaders, who made everyone believe that killing fellow humans will bring them glory and honor.

No sir, there is no glory or honor in taking another life.

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These days, political chaos is prevailent in almost all nations, men running for various posts in the government, to acquire power, and more power. I do not blame everyone here, but I just happened to stumble upon the implication of all historical events, that all that men have always done, is to try and prove their dominance over other fellow beings. Let me put it this way, kings and knights fought for weeks continuously just to expand their kingdoms, going rampantly looting and murdering the folk of another nation. Conspicuously, men hunt for fun because that is one way to boast of their macho. How else on earth otherwise can one creature derive pleasure out of killing another? Some other men have had bigger outlooks though. What Hitler was trying to do was to prove that he and his race is superior to the Jews. No one wanted the war but Hitler wanted power, which he could not achieve without fanatic support of the public, and so he made them drunk upon the idea that a war is inevitable, and rather necessary. Ironic, killing humanity (read human race) to save humanity (read human conscience)?

Israel is killing Palestenians to prove that the Jews are better than the Arabs who must be eliminated. And I can go on and on and count all the wars that have ever been fought on the face of this planet and point out one single reason behind every single one of them : “Power”. Surprisingly, it is not just the wars through which men have tried to satiate their thirst for power, it is also the daily lives. Bosses at work shout at employees for no reason probably because they need to impose their dominance over them (some of them even think they own their employees). A man harasses a woman because he is not only trying to prove his dominance over the woman, but also trying to gain a status among fellow “harassers” (Look! I pinched her a** in front of the whole crowd! Now worship me!). Even husbands think that their wives are meant to be devoted to them because God knows!

No I do not think that all men are same, but looking at the pathetic state of affairs around the globe, all I can think of is: either the good men on earth are not good enough or there are not enough good men on earth. The point remains, men’s voracity for power is killing this world. Women? There has always been a dearth of this race and the most powerful a woman can get is when she raises her voice against male chauvinism (which is almost always silenced eventually) and on top of that, most of them are too busy trying to fight their “internal” wars of whether to looking prettier or act smarter (no offence fellow females). All I mean is, women have a lot of other jobs (thanks to the lazy race of men) than go out like maniacs drunk on the idea of power and dominance.

Alternately, the men whom we glorify today as great leaders, or rather warriers, who fought for the honor of their country, were actually murderers who killed, apart from the wrongdoers (for which I do not despise them), thousands of other innocent people. People who were brothers, daughters, fathers and mothers. People who had dreams, thoughts and feelings. People who wouldn’t hurt a fly. The terrorists of today are none but insane men, who love to brandish their bazookas wherever they can. They have adgenda ? (Hysterical laughter)

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It appears to me, that if God had granted a little more patience to men when it comes to dominance and power, the world would have been in a better state right now. As also very correctly and seemingly cleverly put by Gandhi : “Earth has enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed.” Unfortunately, we have become too much cozy with this image of men and now they won’t stop untill the world ends.