Every once in a while (or maybe more often) I find myself wondering about how life would have been had we not progressed the way we have. Had we been a little slower and a little wiser in upgrading our lives, maybe (or more likely) we would have ended up with a little more peace in our lives, personal as well as social. We spend hours together on our phones, searching for things to occupy our minds and yet we are so bored of our own lives. We are so scared of being left alone and being left behind that we heedlessly do what others do or ask us to do, be it in our jobs or in our personal lives.


I wonder, if we had not done this, (we as in humnaity), if we had used our own sane minds and done what seemed “just” rather than what seemed “must”, we would have had more peace. But no doubt, we were all once blinded by our own veneers of pride and prejudice and today’s world is the yield of all that. Havoc, chaos, hunger, wars, bloodshed, diseases, pollution, death, orphans, sexual abuse, violence, mental vexation, frustration, climate change, suicides, drug abuse, murders, mass killings, collateral damage, distrust, betrayal, lies and everything wrong one can imagine, all of it can be found in today’s world. One country is attacking the other for no reason, killing its children and women, while the whole world is either mum or buttressing the attacker. Another country’s entire popultion is dying out of hunger and unheard-of diseases while the other nations are either too baffled at its plight to do anything or too endrossed in their own affairs to even help, and that is when this very country is the land of birth of the homo sapiens. But that is not so surprizing because since the beginning of civilization, this country has been “used” by the powerful nations (individuals of these nations) to meet their own selfish (and extremely brutal) ends. Slavery, diamonds, gold, ivory and leather; all remind us of this country. It’s rich natural resources have been snatched away and the reamining human resource left to die or for use as subjects for biological weapons (that’s what I guess Ebola was). But anyway, there are so many other countries one can look at. The middle east is soon going to become a graveyard, not just because of the terrorist groups killing their own brothers each day, but because of the powerful nations backing them up (did you hear about the weapons they received from the most powerful nation of the world?). My own country is so much involved in its own problems. There is a huge economic divide, widening every year and the majority of the population is falling in the abyss between the rich and the poor. And then of course climate change and pollution are universal issues.


The point is, all the world is out of order because while we were busily inventing and improving our lives, we forgot to look beyond tomorrow. We made light bulbs but forgot about the Sun, we made guns but forgot about precious lives, we made cars but forgot about the fuel, we made nuclear weapons but forgot about our children, we made spacecrafts but forgot about our own planet. Maybe it were our own missiles which we fired to kill each other, that killed the dove instead. How heedless we have been and how so shortsighted. Maybe we could have done the same things differently; been a little more patient, a little more careful, so the world today would have been diferent, different for good. A little slow but peaceful; so many lives could have been saved then, both human and animal. The air would have been purer then, the water cleaner, the meadows greener and our lives safer and happier. So much peace, peace, peace.