I just saw this documentary by BBC, titled “India’s daughter”, which, I must say, is the most emotionally vexing documentary I have ever seen. Yes, I am vexed up to do something, if just hit something out of anger. I am angry, outraged to the point that I do not know how to express my feelings not just about the documentary but the questions raised by it, the issues highlighted by it and the hineous face of indian society (particularly males) unveiled by it.

(And here I would like to apologise my language hereafter, mostly out of formality) images First thing that surprises me is that it was not an indian news agency that took the pains of connecting all the pieces of Jyoti’s (popularised as Nirbhaya after the 16, Dec, 2012 incident) case and actually taking the fight and revolution further. It was another country, one where such thing perhaps don’t even happen. It is exactly like your house is dirty and you know that but you are not doing anything about it and then your neighbour comes around telling you that your house is so dirty. Irony and shame. Indian media, as always, managed to drift along with the popular demand, focusing its lenses on Mr.Modi and his rising empire. Female safety and crimes against women are’nt selling much now.

The documentary begins with a description of the person Jyoti was. She was certainly loved by her parents, was hardworking, had dreams : big dreams, ability and courage to fulfill her dreams, was kind, compassionate and in all, was an epitome of an ideal youth as viewed by the modern society. The next scene shows the face of one of the convicts who holds the women more responsible for rapes.

Comment : “What was so wrong with her travelling with a male at 8pm that made her responsible for her own rape? And what you did to her was not just a rape, it was a hineous act that crossed all limits of brutality. You won’t find a place even in hell.”

Later that man describes the whole incident of rape which I do not have the courage to recall but I must say that the unflinching tone of the man, without even the slightest hint of regret or shame at the savegery(which is a very small word for the level of brutality of what he and his connivers did) of his act, made me feel even more outraged, to the point that I now think that there is no punishment (not even death) that can stop such incidents from happening in future.

Later comes the statement of Mr. M.L. Sharma  (Defence lawyer for the rapists) who said(quoted) “that girl was with some unknown boy who took her on a date. In our society we never allow our girls to come out from the house after 6.30 or 7.30 or 8.30 in the evening with any unknown person”, followed by the statement of Mr. A.P. Singh (defence lawyer for the rapists) “if very important, very necessary, she should go outside, but she should go with their family members like uncle, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother etc., etc. She should not go in night hours with her boyfriend”.

Here, what I see is the heights of stupidity, and utter dumbness, as if the these two men are under some kind of spell so that they are unaware of how meaningless and dumb they sound (and even look).

1. She was not out with an unknown boy on any date. He was her friend(whom her parents knew) and had gone for a movie.

2.If Mr. Sharma’s wife or daughter (God save their souls from such a pervert) need to go out at night to get medicines for a dying Mr.Sharma, they won’t, because it is Indian society we’re talking about. You can’t just step out, you are a girl for God’s sake, you shoul not even think of going out. Infacts, this word “out” should not even be in your dictionary. This house is your world my dear. We salute you for your intellect Mr. Sharma.

3. Mr. Singh, had she been out with her mother or grandmother, they too would have been raped, considering the insanity of the criminals. As a father, had you been with her, do you think you could have protected her against those dogs? Moreover, with gay culture now legal in India, even men are not safe. Next time you go out, watch out, who knows next thing on the news is….

4. Had she not been with her boyfried at that time, the rapists would not have even spared the rest of her, they would have probably torn her into pieces.

Respect Jyoti’s mother for being so logical (despite being poor and not well educated) for telling the society to make men feel guilty for their crimes rather than blaming the women to be responsible for all that happens.

Mr. Sharma says again (quoted, though i cannot describe here the level of confidence this man had in his voice while he made such a mindless statement) “they left indian culture, they were under imagination of the film culture in which they can do anything.”

Why Mr.Sharma? Please spare us the horror of explaining you that the very indian culture (which apparently the rapists did not abandon according to Mr. Sharma) was the reason this brutal incident. Indian culture bal**.

Mr. Sharma continues “You are talking of a man and a woman as friends. Sorry that does’nt have any place in our society. A woman means I immediately put the sex in his eyes. We have the best culture, in our culture we have no place for a woman.”

First reaction: Urrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!

1. You need to work on your english Mr.Sharma.

2.Do you immediately think of sex when you see a woman?

3. You should leave this planet immediately.

4. Indian culture is best because there is no place for women..really?…I can’t even say anything about that. Your pervertness is clearly visible in your own words. (God help your wife and daughter).

Next says the rapist “I can’t say why this incident happened-this accident-happened. Mainly to teach them a lesson”

1. You call the merciless rape and killing of a girl by a gang of bloody rascals an accident. You are not even a human.

2. Who the f*** are you to teach others a lesson?

Again Mr. Sharma (always with somethig utterly unique) “He would like to create  a damage. He will put his hand…Insert, hit (Mr. Sharma demonstrates Inserting and hitting by moving his own hands). It is just like that kind of action. Beat him. Putting his hand forcefully inside.(Mr. Sharma wipes sweat off his brow).”

What angered me here, is the fact that Mr. Sharma himself got excited enough to move his own body while describing the mindset of the rapists. How licentious he himself is.

“It is just like that kind of action”..really?..Tomorrow if your wife or daughter comes home to you, crying because someone pinched her breasts, you will definitely not go to the police station, because, it is just a kind of action in which the guy wants to create damage. Totally natural!!

Then comes the criminal again, justifying his actions, in the name of teaching a lesson. I do not even want to ponder upon it, mostly because of the utter trauma that this man’s words, face and voice inflict on me whenever my mind wanders on what he said. And let me add to this, the fact revealed later, that even though as many as 30 people saw Jyoti and her friend lying on the road, dying and screaming for help, no one cared to help (except one, whose courage and sympathy should be saluted). Not a single soul’s heart wrung at their pitiable state. How can a human just stand and look at another dying human and not be moved enough to help?

The documentary goes on to describe the life of the rapists in an attempt to find the reason behind such acts but I do not think that any amount of sufferings a man has undergone in his own life gives him a right to commit such a barbaric, devilish, inhuman and utterly cruel act.

The upsurge that Jyoti’s case caused in the country, especially among it’s youth, is really worth praise, for in a democratic country like india, it is hard to see such a tumult of pople, unite against on single cause.

Lastly is Mr Amod Kanth, Head of an NGO for rape victims and juveniles, “public opinion should not become the reason for any kind of conviction or even death sentence at times. I don’ think we belong to that kind of social order, India is not that kind of country, many countries are like that, hang the person on the pole, kill the man straight away, cut his hand, throw him away. That kind of thing doesn’t happen in this country, it’s a democratic country. And a very liberal country from that point of view. We have very rich traditions of tolerance also. So probably from that poin of view, the present demand for death sentence in many cases, is not in the spirit of India’s history.”

1. Public opinion?..isn’t the extent of inhumanity apparent in Jyoti’s case a reason enough to give death sentence to the convicts?

2. India is not that kind of country..yeah, but it is definitely the kind of country where a woman can be treated like crap, raped, murdred, burnt alive, torn into pieces like a piece of rag. Punishment should depend on the intensity of the crime and considering Jyoti’s case, death sentence is very lenient.

3. We have very rich traditions of tolerance also. How we women wish we that we had never tolerated any of the sh** men did to us, since the very beginning of civilization. The condition of women would not have been so bad today. Zero tolerance is essential in a country where a woman is raped every 20 minutes, Mr. Kanth. (4 women were raped while I was watching this documentary and you ask me to tolerate?).

4. “Present demand for death sentence is not in the spirit of india’s history”…yeah, but repeated cases of crimes against women, which surpass all levels of cruelty are definitely in the spirit of India’s history.

Finally, Mr. Singh’s words “If my daughter or sister engaged in pre-marital activities, and disgraced herself and allowed herself to lose face and character by doing such things, I would most certainly take this sort of sister or daughter to my farmhouse and in front of her entire family, i would put petrol on her and set her alight.”

1. You talk bull****.

2. Jyoti was coming back from a movie which (if you know) does not involve any kind of physical relationship with any male.

3. I certainly respect your guts because (a) you won’t flinch while setting your own daughter or sister on fire (b) you can say such moronic things on public media with so much confidence. (c) even though you have no brain, you are a famous lawyer.

4. Would you also set your brother and son on fire for engaging in pre-marital activities?

5. God help your sister and daughter (also your wife). images (2) I do not know how exactly should I put my anger, outrage, concern, fear and everything that I feel, into words that can accurately describe what I actually feel. Whatever might have been the reasons behind the banning of this documentary (though I fail to see any), it is a “must watch” for everyone. Hope that India will be safer for the coming generations and we will never have to see any other case like Jyoti’s or other innumerable ones that are not even brought to court. Also wish that people like Mr. Singh and others, should be sent into exile for being so insensible, dumb and chauvinistic. Some questions that suddenly apall me are: was there even a need for court trial? was there even a need for apointing defence lawyers in such a case? Do criminals like these even deserve a chance to defend themselves? Can (or should) women trust men anymore with their safety and rights? Are women safe enough to live freely? Are women human enough to deserve equality?

watch it here: