This this this.

Been far too long, been far too deluded, been far too pessimistic, been far too busy to ever ever ever have seen life this way.

This is it. No more whining, complaining or wondering about what happened and what did not happen, about what we need and what we get, about what can happen and what should happen.


Breathe. Inhale that invisible and impalpable thing that surrounds you, listen to that constant rhythmic beats of your heart, feel the thumping of your blood in your temples, shut yourself inside your own self for a moment and feel your existence. Sounds like a yoga instruction, but just, for a minute, do it. This, what you feel, is life.

Life that we have been taking for granted until now. We are alive, we are healthy, we are here on this amazing planet that is so full of wonderful things: places, creatures and phenomenon; to explore, see and experience. So many unfortunate people out there have nothing but a dot of hope to live with all  their lives, and we, we are whining about petty things as a dress not matching or a match not seen.

We need to get out of those humdrum schedules of ours, break the levees of deadlines and deadends that we have built around us, avert from the illusions of fear, failure and fame. All that is (pardon the language) bullshit. It is all nothing but a junkyard that we see a deep canyon standing between us and happiness. Life is much more than this junkyard. It is worth more than this junkyard. It is so much more beautiful than this dour junkyard.


So exhale all the junk that you have, far too long, kept bottled inside you and marvel at your own existance. Slow down, stop trying to be someone else and just forget all about the past and the future. Just be here, now, this way. That, is life. This, is life. A being, being itself, without trying to be like anything else. This, is a beautiful life.