Ten years from now, where will each one of us be? The world as a whole would have drastically changed of course but as an individual, where will ‘we’ be? Will we be happier than today, or more miserable, will we have achieved that for which we are struggling so hard today or will we have failed, will we be a better person than we are now or will we have changed for the worse, will we still have the same people around us as we do now, will we be dead or alive? And if we do know where and how we will be, then how certain are we?


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The truth is, we don’t know. We think that we know, but we actually don’t. Every single day we come across news of very strange things happening to very normal people. Every day, millions of people  succumb to death in hundreds of different types of accidents right in the middle of their perfect ten year plans. Just one second, and it is all gone, ‘we’ are all gone. Fact is that no matter how well we plan, no matter how many precautions we take, no matter how many fortune tellers we approach, our lives are and will always be uncertain and unpredictable. We may try and escape certain things as much as we want, but if they are supposed to happen, they will, at the right time, in the most unimaginable circumstances. The thing is that we are all naive and ignorant, while our lives are too logical and deep to be understood by any given set of rules, even though most of us think the other way round. We may formulate theories of how the universe began without the need of any God, we may write books about philosophies of life and love and kindness, but we can never see things or feel them or construe them in a way that we can fully understand their meaning.

In a book I read some time ago, the author beautifully explained the fact that our lives are interrelated, they are all tangled in a way that if one thread is moved, another gets affected too, even though their ends may be far apart. I think about it in this way- if we are able to take our morning coffee regularly, then it is because somewhere in this world, in a place where we have never been, someone must be planting the coffee seeds, growing them with so much care and hope, watering and nurturing them every day. Now if his country is hit by a draught, he will not be able to grow his coffee and suffer hunger, thirst and poverty, and we will not get to drink the same coffee. A big change in someone’s life affects us perhaps in the tiniest of ways, but the amazing thing is that it somehow does affect us.

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So we might have the best of plans with utmost certainty for the next ten years, but we can still end up in a completely different place than we imagined, without even realizing how or when, not because our plans were flawed, but because they were just ours. There is no fixed way as to how life is to be lived, in a nonchalant or in a precarious way. But one thing is sure, life is to be embraced, good or bad, it is not a thing to be thrown away because nothing is working out rather, it is to be dragged on until the edge of it because it is always beautiful in the end.