Ever since Adam and Eve landed on the Earth, mankind has seen eons of eons and has been through wars, hunger, ice ages, plagues, floods, earthquakes and what not. It is so hard for us to imagine what life would have been like a hundred years ago, and impossible to even fathom what it would have been like when mankind was in its rudimentary stage.


All that our species has endured, invented and overcome, how marvellous it has all been so far. But what of now? Where are we now? Are we the same beings that were once afraid of the dark and worshipped that which scared us the most? Are we the same beings that once did not know that the Earth is round and that the moon is not made out of cheese? Ah..ofcourse not. We’re smarter than our smart phones. We are brave, we have conquered the moon, the Mars and basically the entire solar system. We know how to create a universe by smashing two atoms together. We know where to look for things that we want and how to get them. We know how to survive the worst and thrive. 

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Exactly. But that is the the good human being inside us saying all that. What of the dark side of us? We are stubborn, cruel, brutal and uncomprehending. We are so blind in the glitter of power that we cannot see what we are forging. The reason I am saying so is the present state of affairs in the entire world. All I see is wars, bloodshed, enemity and all I hear is gunshots, cries of pain and howls of anger. Verily, mankind has undergone a remarkable makeover from a species born to build and discover to a species that destroys and descartes and have evolved evn more rapidly since the first world war to the present day war in Gaza.

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We are constantly tagging things. Tagging lands as mine and yours, tagging people based on colour/race/religion/caste/and-anything-that-gives-them-a-different-appearence, tagging water as ours and theirs, tagging even the skyline as foreign and national. What for?

I know evryone has their “good” reasons but I wonder, wouldn’t the world be more beautiful and peaceful if there were no countries, no borders, no boundaries, no nations, no races but just good people, happy and friendly people. If you could just walk out of your house and go wherever you wanted to and be welcomed everywhere. If you never knew what killing, haterd, agony, wars, brutality, greed and pain mean. If all that we knew was goodness and just goodness. Of course that was never going to happen because then it would be heaven and there is nothing like it. So, it’s just a waste of time. 😛