I look around myself these days and I find people rushing, fighting and struggling to ‘achieve’. Achieve things that they dream of, achieve things that make them happy, achieve things that they have always wanted, achieve something that makes them noted, achieve something that makes them a big somebody. Everyone I meet is looking for some job or an admission or promotion or any other opportunity to prove himself/herself.


What am I doing? I, am wondering. Sitting and wondering as to what is the point? What is the point of all this?

What are we really going to achieve? Approval? Satisfaction? Praise? Fame? Respect?

Of course everyone has a reason but I just wonder: why is it so important to be somebody? Why is it so important to prove yourself to others? Why is it so important to have a status in society? Why is it important to do big things in life?

I deeply feel that the world would be a much more peaceful place to live if we were all just satisfied by simple meals and nice neighbors; if we were just satisfied by stargazing and flower-picking; if we were just satisfied by a good morning walk and a nice evening tea; if we were all just satisfied in being a ‘nobody’.

What we are doing in the fit of becoming somebody is harming everybody. We are not happy. We are not satisfied with anything. We don’t get enough of anything. We are constantly busy in getting more, getting big, getting better, getting fast, getting this, getting that.

And I wonder, “why”.


Why can’t we just live like saints who are contented in what they have? Why can’t we be more bothered about how many smiles we put up on the faces of our loved ones than worrying about how much profit we earn? Why can’t we be happier in the small blessings of life rather than being busy in leaving a mark? Why can’t we just let it all go and take a deep breath and say “okay”? Why are we making such a big deal out of all materialistic things when all we’ve really got is just one life on this one beautiful earth? Is all this so important? Does it count so much? Why can’t we look beyond the things that we simply see? Do we really see what we need to see? Do we really feel what we need to feel? Are we doing what we really need to do? Is the ‘somebody’ that we want to become better than the ‘nobody’ that we can be?