We humans are indeed interesting beings. I wonder why aliens haven’t found us yet. How prudent of us to spend almost all of our lives getting prepped up and plastered just to get accepted by people we don’t even know. It seems to me that all that most of us do is to look for approval from complete strangers because the advertising industry has never been so thriving as now. We eat, speak, walk, dress up and even develop habits that they tell us to. Tell you we’re gonna make a great slave-planet to the aliens who find us coz we’d do exactly what they’ll tell us to, even if it means that we lose our minds. Most of us are slaves to our own lifestyles (apparently, the word lifestyle does not even imply because I don’t call it a life).

I am not implying that we give up our careers and seek salvation.


Okay yes maybe I am but wouldn’t it be great not having to worry about your hair or clothes or being ashamed of your choices because others don’t approve of it? Well it would be great for me. Someday I would just love to be invisible. Not be heard or seen. Being able to speak my mind out (or rather scream it) without fearing offence. Not being seen so as not having to put up false emotions to please others. Better even, I’d like to vanish. Vanish not just from the planet, but from people’s memories. Vanish along with everything that relates to me, not leave a sign behind and live in a place where there is always evening. Where I can sip my coffee and read my book sitting under a laburnum. Where a sparrow and a butterfly are my friends and my only neighbors are trees. Where, I can light a fire without the fear of burning things up. Where, I can be sure that none can harm me and I can’t hurt anyone. Where, it’s just me and my thoughts and good memories. Where I can put up a rainbow or sprinkle stars whenever I want.

Of course it’s never going to happen with any of us. We are all earmarked for the same colony of zombies but that’s why God created dreams!