Wouldn’t it be nice if we did not have to worry about the next morning meeting or the pending assignment or the traffic jam or the balance in our bank account? Wouldn’t it be nice if our only worries were too much sugar in the evening tea and too little time between festivals? Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of crawling in our cars on the slow road and cursing everyone else, we would get up with the sunrise and stroll down our fields to pluck fresh food for the day? Wouldn’t it be nice if evenings were bonfire musical gatherings in everyone’s backyard rather than a cacophony of honking and fuming cars? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone lived to help those around him rather than use them? Wouldn’t it be nice if money was just a means of happiness and not happiness itself? Wouldn’t it be nice if love, respect, dignity, justice, and peace were given more importance than status, reputation and ego? Wouldn’t it be nice if we slept under stars every night without the fear of the sky falling on us? Wouldn’t it be nice if we never knew wars, pride, hatred, brutality and injustice? Wouldn’t it be nice if we always lived with as much innocence as we did as kids?

Of course the world would be so much better if it all were true. The world would be much peaceful if we had been patient and slow in our development. Our reckless search for answers to some questions like existence of God and supernatural powers has left us on a crossroad where we are now threatening our own existence. It has been us who have led the entire planet towards destruction.


Sometimes it seems to me that all that man has ever known, done and spread is ‘war’. Since the beginning of mankind, men have shed innocent blood for reasons as malicious as envy and as pure as justice, and even though certain wars have been righteously won, I would consider them terrible defeats because of the enormous grief they have brought upon the survivors of war.

Scientific development is turning geniuses into lunatics blindly working to attain a breakthrough, no matter if they have to break the rules of humanity and sanity. Aimed advertising is compelling us to buy absolutely useless products for purposes as lame as sipping our coffee. Brands and big names are forcing the younger generation to gravitate all their energy towards their looks even if they lose their minds in the process. ‘Attitude’ is becoming a buzz word and surprisingly a positive one while simplicity is being considered as something outdated. And that is not it. Each day a new kind of crime, weapon, convict, war, enemy, disease and hatred is taking birth and each day an old moral, saint, peace, friend, cure and compassion is being brutally killed.

Are we going to continue on the same road until the end?