Time: Constantly flying, waiting for none, sweeping away everything you think you know.

stranger (image courtesy: Google)

They say, “change is the only constant”.

I’ve been wondering all day, how does it happen that one day you wake up and you suddenly realize that everything and everyone you knew until yesterday, has transformed. How do people change in the blink of an eye? How do relatives, friends, siblings and everyone you hold important, just change shade? How do they forget the happy times, despair and the very blood they share with you and turn into “somebody”? How do they jump from one sphere to the other? Or how do they throw you out of their circle despite everything you did for them and they did for you? How do they erase their very memories of you to an extent that when your name comes, its just another name for them? How do they move on with it? How do you move on with it?

An author once said, “Years of love has been forgotten in the hatred of an instant.” True.

We look back in time, when we were kids. Life used to be like sunshine. Glistering, bright and brimming. Everyone seemed so good. Relatives, friends, neighbours. They were like a bunch of people who would never stop loving us. Who will never judge us or blame us. Who will stand by our side, hold us in dark times, encourage us and guide us. Most of all, it seemed that things will never change and life will always be a lovely day to be lived to its fullest. It seemed that everything is eternal, even especially the people around whom you’ve formed your little world.

How foolish those times seem now. We never realise that as we grow up, so does everyone else, even the grown ups. They all change for their own reasons, and so do we. Sometimes, these changes around us leave us baffeled, even though they were ‘obvious’ changes. But at other times they are so drastic and sudden that they come as a thunderclap. As kids, we never realize the hypocracy of elders who sometimes pretend to be our best friends, who make promises and show us dreams but when time comes, they go. They leave us standing alone in the crumbling world, and we can’ t help but just wonder ‘why?‘. There is no use picking up the broken pieces then, because we’re still gorwing up and we don’t know how. And because we have just started learning about the-world-and-its-hypocracy, from our very own beloved ones, we begin to develop fears and insecurities.

I don’t really know if everyone else faces such situations, but I know how it feels when you are compelled to act as a stranger to someone whom you thought would stand by you from your childhood to youth (atleast), whom you considered a part of your own family and who promised to be there for you. I wonder how it happens and I am scared that maybe one day I might do the same to someone. I don’t want to leave people behind and maybe that is why I never make promises, I never let people build hopes around me because I am scared that I may shatter them.