What is the one thing that most of us fear and try to escape all the time?

I would say death.


We fear it and we curse it despite every knowledge that it will come when it has to come and that when it comes, there can be no running away. But then I wonder, if death is actually so scary. I think it is not so bad. True, that death is a painful experience, but the pain is only temporary. Beyond the pain of death is tranquility and solace. The process might be painful, but ultimately, it is relieving, releasing, redeeming.

Life however seems to be more scary to me. It is also a painful process. Plus, it is long. It leads to regrets, remorse and reproaches. Even the person who has been apparently happy throughout his living days, if given more of life in his last few moments, will suffer. Most of us suffer in life. We suffer on account of things we say and things we don’t say, things we do and things we don’t do, places we visit and places we don’t visit, people we love and people we don’t love, dreams we fulfill and dreams that we leave behind. It all tears us apart sometimes and we yearn for an end or a restart.

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Death, I feel, is not what we have all come to think of it. If we give death to a living person, we can find in him a newly born spirit, to set things right in his last few days. He will say, do, love, dream and fulfill all that he wants and not that which he should. He will find reasons to smile and enjoy the delicacies of small things in life. And I think that the grief will be only for the days he spent thinking that he has enough life to do it all later. In a way, it is the death which will make him truly live his life.

Life is tough, it is painful and it goes on. Death however is patient and peaceful. It makes us strong while life breaks us into pieces. It makes us kind while life instills only agony. History has it, the kings drowned in the idea of immortality have made monsters out of themselves.

Even though I have never been dead but I like to think that it is death that gives us all that we chase throughout our lives. There is something, an unfulfilled dream, a shattered hope, a gift, for everyone beyond that moment of pain.

It sounds a lot insane, but I assume that the reason why death hurts is also life. It hurts because of the life inside us which is still trying to stay, which is still fighting and kicking to squeeze more out of us, while death is only spreading numbness and peace. Maybe, it is just life, which we pretend to celebrate, that is the reason behind all our miseries. Maybe, the death which we fear is actually a harbinger or maybe a doorway to the world where we all really belong, to the world which we only dream and never achieve, to another life which is exactly the way we want it to be.