Well yeah..this has been a really long break. Life has been really tough all this time. But finally..once again I have found something to blah here. Out of the emotional and weirdly strange part of me. I wonder. A lot of things. A lot of times. But it all converges to the same big question. “WHY?”.

Here goes the same saga : Why are we on this earth? Who we really are: Just people racing to get something big or are we the small simple minds that find solace in just staring at the moon? Are we here to prove or are we ourselves the answer to all our problems? Are we the problem itself? Are we the question? Why do we feel helpless? Are we meant to be? Is perfection something worth seeking for? Why are we not happy? Why do people have to separate? Why are some people bad? Why does nature go mad at everyone? Why are we mad at earth? Do we really make sense? Is making sense so important?

Questions. Questions. Questions


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I know most of these questions themselves are senseless but I often wonder. And I believe, many of us do. At some or the other point in our lives. And you know what is the worst part? Not all of them have an answer and not all answers are same. Everyone of us perceives these questions differently and has an entirely different answer. So, Why am I blogging this? Well I don’t know. I just am.

But let’s just think. What if we could live life without any fear? Fear of losing someone or something. Fear of being the last. Fear of lagging behind. Fear of being hated. Fear of death. Fear of the very next instant. Hydrophobia. Chromophobia. Glossophobia. Lipophobia. Spectrophobia. Zoophobia. Phobiaphobia (*word invented by me*). Imagine a phobia free world! Breakout from the fears that we are constantly succumbing to. Fear.
So if that happens, that is, if a fearless world ever comes into existance, then there won’t be any questions. No why, what, when, who, how and whatever; because in such a world, you won’t have to be answerable to anyone. We can do what we like, without having to have a reason for then we won’t fear as to what the society thinks or whatour friends will say ar how will our family react. Absolutely no worries! 🙂

Ya, now enough of nonsense.None of it is ever gonna happen. More than half of us will still be afraid of, if nothing then, the future and above all, it is just a hypothesis. And on second thoughts, if such world ever exists then it will lack any kind of progress because in a world like that, no one will fear the law, the economy, the boss! So when the above, even if possible, is not good for ‘progress’, then why think of it?