Here is what today’s newspaper reports:

Irom Sharmila, who has been on a fast-unto-death since November 4,2000 demanding the repeal of the Armed Forces(Special Powers) Act, 1958, donated 80 books on friday to the State Central Library. Ms. Sharmila, known to be a voracious reader, donated the books from the sub jail where she has been kept on the charges of attempting to commit suicide. The books include one of her favourites, Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol.

From the people, by the people and for the people. This is the motto of the Indian democracy. What a big irony.

I’d rather say that “democracy is the freedom to elect our own dictators”.

I think it’s pretty clear what I wish to convey. Sharmila’s is only one case out of many that has come into limelight. And unfortunately, that fame hasn’t helped in any way. She has one simple demand and one simple condition but the government (current as well as past) seems to have taken a pledge that it WILL NOT LISTEN.

They put her in jail on cahrges of attempting suicide. Realy? Seems like they really want her to stay alive, you know, as if they care whether the folk lives or dies. What about the tens of thousands of peasants and tribals who committed suicide in recent economic cricis? What about the lakhs of people who are promised in every election that ‘times will be better’ but are denied even basic rights when time comes? What Sharmila’s case tells us is loud and clear. In Indian democracy, the government is supreme. No matter what you need, no matter how badly you need it, you are not the one to decide what comes next because technically you don’t have the right to govern the government. And, what do they call it? THE CONSTITUTION. Come on. It is flawed. It has so many loopholes that every time you try to point at the government, you will fall into a neck-deep hole. I am not a scholar in law or something and I am not saying that the constitution makers were not aware. What I am saying, is somewhat like, ‘everyone makes mistakes’.

All this promising, hoping appealing and declaring in the name of campaigning during elections, it is all a crass cacophony, a bag of lies and a mocracy, nothing else. The moment you give them your vote, you give them the right to DICTATE you, ruin you and eat you up.

Every time people want something, they have no other way than mass ralley or something big and loud to drag the attention of the so-called leaders(obviously because the corruption of beaurocrats will not let you follow the legal procedures). And each time they do so, they are faced with violent suppression(lathi charge, open fire, tear gas, brutal beating it is all in news every day). What people are bound to do is either give up or fight back. And what makes it more worse is that the government won’t let you do either of these. Yes, once you take a stand, you HAVE TO face all the shit they throw at you even if you want to quit.

India’s is an ugly political picture. As much beauty that lies in the traditions and culture of India, the same filth lies in the Indian politics. I do not support or oppose any political group or belief, for me, it is all fine till the folk is treated like human beings ant not some circus animal.