(of course the title is stolen from Hollywood)



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Well…now that you are reading this one, let me start straight away. Can we imagine a day without any kind of difference…racial, religious, caste-based, regional, linguistic, traditional, communal, continental what so ever and which so ever we can think of.

Obviously a day won’t be enough to erase all these differences and more importantly, one day’s time won’t be enough for any one of us to realize how much hatred we have been nurturing all along because of absolutely nothing but either envy or pride. Verily, a completely secular world is totally impossible…but i just want all of us to expand our horizons a bit, see beyond what is visible, realize that which we have been suppressing.

Such world where no one fears the fellow beings, where everyone deserves and is given the same freedom, where there are no wars, no races of arms or what so ever.

Unfortunately, this imagination is still too big. Innumerable number of people die each day and no one cares, millions of children sleep hungry, and no one cares, yet another million lot of people do not sleep out of fear, (what if the next missile falls on my home, what if the next open firing kills my brother or what if the next clan of maniacs takes away my sister) and alas or let’s say ‘obviously’ no one cares.

All this bloodshed, cruelty, utter absence of humanity, all this is ultimately and only because of some or the other kind of differences.

I wana ask…who created this mentality of high and low? Who declared that being black is an offence? What is so good about being white? Who announced that being from a particular linguistic community is a prestige while others are not worthy at all? What is language? How does it matter whether one is from north or south? Does it make them more or less human?

What I am talking about, here, is that why can’t we just look at people from the eyes of conscience? Why can’t we share the same language of love, harmony, peace, joy, sharing and care? All these are things that we all want and there is no upper limit for any of these. When these things do not have a price then why do we keep them from others? Well..i woul say that love, peace, care all do have a price. They cost. They come in exchange of jealousy and pride. So, cannot we let go of our envy and ego (which anyways is only causing us more harm than good) and let peace prevail? 

There is so much of hoo-la-baloo all around that we are not alone in the universe and we do take huge interest in either discovering extra-advanced extra-terrestrial species or getting discovered by them. Let me highlight here that if we can’t live peacefully among ourselves, how will we live in peace with those ‘complete aliens’? If we can’t bear our own fellow humans, forget about any friendly-invasion (or even a pact) of or by aliens. When they come, there will be blood.

The short and long of the matter is that we -‘the social animals’ are slowly but surely forgetting the ‘social’ part in ourselves. In other words we are so much habitual of organizing things that we have organised ourselves too in an ugly hierarchy (here we are not losing the ‘social’ part).

Whether we are white, black, brown, yellow, tall, short, fat, skinny, rich, poor, from north, south, east or west, believe in God or science or nothing, eat pasta or burger, speak this or that…SO WHAT?…

There can always be enough love, enough peace, enough joy, enough hope and enough reasons to keep up the spirit of equality and justice.