At some or the other point in our lives, we all feel tired of everything, sick of all troubles, frustrated of every situation and burdened by a burden too hard to bear.

This one goes out to all of those (myself included), dragging themselves through tough times, trying to get over a heartbreak, struggling to keep holding on.

May not be so well written, may sound childish, but trust me, my intentions are good. 😀 Take a deep breath and remember:

“when you are troubled by this world’s load

and feel your life is a scar.

Just remember the fact

nice days are not far.

       When you are sad, find no place to go

        and feel like skidding car.

        Just remember the fact,

        nice days are not far.

When you want to fly

but fail inspite of tries,

feel like in a cage of iron bars.

Just remember the fact,

bright days are not far.

       When everyone around

       begins to frown,

       feel like running from where you are.

       Just remember the fact,

       bright days are not far.

when you look up at the sky

wonder of the infinite

and wish to be a star.

Just remember the fact,

good days are not far.

       When life is what you like

       and you are happy with who you are.

      Just remember the fact,

      good days are where you are. “