This one is not for those who are reaaallllyy busy. It is nor for those who don’t cry for the past. It is also not for those who have a normal happy life. 

It is for the insane, the tortured,the parnoid and the hurt. For those who toil, wonder and wander.

I am one of the second kind. Yeah, kinda sick. But I think it is not that bad to be sick in this way. 

We have our own little imaginary world, where we can turn back time, rewind. Where we can find good and bad. Which we can visit anytime, any place. Where we are not scared to speak, take the blame or raise our voice. Where we can be what we want, without the fear of rejection. Where the sky need not be blue and the night need not be dark. Where we recall, reflect and redo the things we have already done.

And trust me, it is just a bliss to be there.

                       So drown me in, waves of the sea,

                                      to a world where I can be free.

                      Blow me away, september breeze,

                                    to a place where I can breathe.

                     Lift me up, oh silver light,

                                    so I can make my life all-right.

I guess, normal or not, we all think like this at least once in our lives.