It was really, really long time ago that someone invented the wheel. The oldest one is said to be 5500 years old and was found in what was ‘Mesopotamia’.

Then from wheel, man found other uses, he invented the axel, then carts, and then there was, perhaps, bicycle then on and on he went, improving and making new things.

Years rolled by, and someone gifted us with ‘electricity’ then there was the ‘telephone’, the ‘microwave’ and recently (not ‘that’ recently) the ‘internet’.

Wait up, the counting isn’t over yet.

Now, recently (yeah ‘that’ recently) we have the most amazing smart-phones, tablets, PCs and other gadgets that we couldn’t even imagine once and even newer stuff is being created each day.

All this reminds me of something Karl Marks once said (and I am Not advocating communism here)– “the production of too many useful things creates too many useless people

For instance: how many of us know how to grow a crop on land?

And how many of us know how to do it on farmville? (gotcha!)

I suppose, certain things that technology/science has given us are not good for anything but our own doom.

Just think of the atom bomb. I don’t see any single way this thing can be positively used (unless we are facing an alien invasion).

Now, I just heard that NASA is sending humans on a one way trip to Mars (*Goosebumps*) and it needs people who are willing to leave the Earth, their friends, their family, their ‘everything’ forever!!!

How ethically correct/just is that?

The other day I read that one biological research team is planting eyeballs of tadpoles on their tails for, I don’t know what kind of research. Maybe on: “How to turn a normal animal into a Freaking Monster?!!”

I agree, it may help in curing some anomalies in humans but, what are the chances? If this is justified then what is wrong with testing drugs on animals or manufacturing cosmetics using animal extracts?

We have so many newer fields of studies coming up: ‘plasma-technology’, ‘nano-technology’, ‘bio-technology’, ‘robo-technology’, ‘genetic-technology’ and….’anything-you-can-think-of-technology’ (*dizzy*).

There was a time, (my granny tells me), when telephones were hailed as a miracle and one had to travel miles and miles to the city just to make a phone call!! And now there is a smart phone on every face.

I am amazed at how things have changed over the years. There were days when the newspaper vendor was always the busiest person in the morning, but now it’s the “great” internet.

No matter what has been going on around the world; technology has grown untamed.

Other than that, I heard that we are really close to having robots that can respond to stimulus just like humans do. Well, that sounds cool! But imagine, befriending a person who responds ‘as per the law’! (*creepy*)

The physicists are “determined” to solve the mystery of ‘evolution of universe’. I wonder what would be next?. Even if they do find out what they are looking for; will it be any good to the bigger problems facing humanity today? Will it bring peace, relief, tranquility and love for the human race?

Biologists are trying newer drugs to cure seemingly fatal diseases. I appreciate that. But do we know how they test them?

On animals.


Not on humans!?

How can we be so sure if we have never bothered to know?

How do we even know that our doctor is not playing with us through the continued doses of coloured pills?

No doubt that we love our laptops;
we boast of our gadgets;
A.C. decides our temper,
networking sites are our new coffee shops;
we feel incomplete without a smart phone
and our lives seem almost worthless without internet

But is there a limit?

Or should there be one?

Is science going to grow forever?

In around the late 1900s, people thought that most of the scientific discoveries have been made and there is just a bit of summing up left but look at the past 20 yrs. We have discovered, invented, improvised, enhanced, formulated, computed and converted
an almost unfathomable number of things.

And if we look at it from the other side, we have also ignored, disrespected, killed, uprooted, destroyed, wiped and wasted even more.

Are we going to stop before the end??