As it has turned out, we are all alive after 21-12-21 & perhaps one more step ahead than we were two months back. All aspects of life have carried on unabated, unaltered, unafraid.

We are all happy to be alive, but have we thought as to how much time do we really have before the world finally ends? The end has been delayed but for how long? Should we start the final countdown?

Well, let’s see. Our water resources are depleting but I think they’ll last another 75 years. So, no worries because I won’t b alive at that time. Forests are vanishing at significant rate but I still got plenty of trees & plants in my backyard, which means no problem for now. CO2 levels are at all time high but I ain’t suffering any cancer or asthma! Animals are dying due to pollution. Hello…at least ‘the social animal’ is still alive. Climate has become highly unpredictable which is no big deal unless you don’t have a roof. In another 50 years we will be out of all fossil fuel but then why have we got electric cars? They say there won’t be any coal in the next 15 years and we ‘might’ have to face acute shortage of electricity. But, hey, ain’t we got nuclear stuff?

You know what?, I think these environmentalists are just mentalists freaking out for no reason. And by the way, I am already so much frustrated with my life that I would rather be happy if something could clean up everything in a single blow. Imagine, no one to boss around, no rules, no cops, we will all be free!

Or wait up a minute. Will that also mean no cars, no malls, no food, no internet?

No! that’ll be hell!

I gotta say, those freaks are freaking out for the right reason!

I mean, come on we can’t eat up everything and leave our next generation bereft of all the good stuff. We are not that bad!

I think we should do something about it. I f we can’t stop all our activities, we can definitely slow them down, steady a bit.

Don’t they say “it’s never too late.”? We can still re-view, re-plan and re-do what we’ve done. Let’s make an impact, spark a change, and light up the future!