I bleed on my path, abandoned and alone.

I search for love in faces now unknown.

Emptiness is in my heart and a fear haunts my mind,

for I do not know myself, I am incomplete, I am blind.

I think this is what many of us feel at some point in life, when everything seems unusual and strange. At times I feel like just hiding somewhere away, far away, where there is just me and my thoughts.

Don’t you feel that all this materialism, racism, regionalism or nationalism is worthless? Well I do.

It was ‘we’ who created boundaries, borders, states, status and everything. Why do we feel that ‘black’ or ‘brown’ is a bad colour? Who created this mindset about colours? I mean come-on the universe is beautiful and guess what; it is black! My point here is that why can’t  people just let all the differences go and agree to the higher law of humanity.

So what if one believes in ‘genesis’ or ‘big-bang’ or ‘darwin’s hypothesis’? None of it means that the world is not real or that certain people can’t feel anything.

Can we all stop arguing on “who created whom” and save the only land and the only humanity that we all share?